Online news release 12.3.2014

Tuomas Kurttila is the new Ombudsman for Children in Finland

Tuomas Kurttila is the new Ombudsman for Children in Finland. The Council of State appointed Kurttila to this post on Thursday, March 13. Kurttila, who holds a Master’s Degree in Administrative Sciences and Theology and currently works as the Executive Director of Finnish Parents’ League, was selected from among 43 applicants. He will begin his work in Jyväskylä on 1 May 2014. The appointment was presented by Susanna Huovinen, the Minister of Social Services and Health in Finland.

Tuomas Kurttila, who was born in 1978, has earlier worked, among other things, as the General Secretary of the Finland’s Advisory Council for Youth Affairs. He is a long-time member of the Advisory Council for Children’s Affairs, which supports the Ombudsman for Children in his or her work.

In their reasoning for the appointment, the Council of State valued the experience Kurttila has gained in diverse positions of responsibility and his in-depth knowledge of interest groups, in addition to his work experience.

Ombudsman for Children Maria Kaisa Aula is happy that the appointment process of the new Ombudsman proceeded quickly.

– I have worked together with Tuomas Kurttila for a long time. During these years, he has supported the Ombudsman for Children’s work in many ways. He is familiar with children’s rights and the full picture of policy concerning children, youth and families. He also has the courage to take independent stands. I trust his capabilities in continuing the Ombudsman for Children’s work and be a network leader, says Maria Kaisa Aula, who will leave her office in April.

Tuomas Kurttila was one of the writers of the joint publication “10 kysymystä kasvatuksesta” (10 Questions on Upbringing, 2011) by Ombudsman for Children, National Institute of Health and Welfare and Finnish Parents’ League, which set a new ground for the national discussion on children’s upbringing.

In 2011, right before the Children’s Day, he also co-wrote a column with the Ombudsman for Children, with the title “Lasten parempi arki on sinusta kiinni” (“Children’s better everyday life depends on you”).

Ombudsman for Children’s Young Advisers’ group will have a chance to discuss matters with the new Ombudsman on Friday, in a video conference. The group meets in Jyväskylä and includes 20 youths from different parts of Finland.

On Twitter, Tuomas Kurttila (@TuomasKurttila) presents himself as an activist, father and the Executive Director of the Finnish Parents’ League.


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