The Advisory Board as an aid to the Ombudsman for Children

The Ombudsman for Children acts with the assistance of the Child Advisory Board, which was established by the government.

The tasks of the Advisory Board include:

  1. To make proposals and issue statements in the situation of children and the promotion of children’s rights
  2. Promoting cooperation between different national and international actors on matters concerning the situation of children and children’s rights
  3. Following up and assessing national and international developments in matters concerning children
  4. Acting to strengthen the position of children in society and exerting an influence to develop positive attitudes to children and promoting the availability of information on the situation of children and their rights
  5. Dealing with other matters within its sphere of work which are raised by the Ombudsman for Children.

The Advisory Board is composed of representatives of various administrative sectors, the regional and local levels, non-governmental organizations and other bodies. The Ombudsman for Children is the chairperson of the Advisory Board. 
The Advisory Board meets four times a year. It is briefed by specialists from different fields, arranges conferences, issues statements and position papers, disseminates information on children’s issues and cooperates with many bodies and actors.

The Advisory Board is divided into two parts: the working group on child information and the child protection division both involve specialists from different fields in development activities.

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