The following duties of the Ombudsman for Children are defined by law:

  • Monitor the welfare of children and youth and the implementation of their rights;
  • Influence decision-makers from the viewpoint of children;
  • Maintain contacts with children and youth and convey information received from them to decision-makers;
  • Convey information concerning children to professionals working with children, decision makers and the public;
  • Develop cooperation between actors concerned with child policy;
  • Promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Ombudsman for Children reports annually to the government on the welfare of children and youth and the implementation of their rights. The annual report covers the activities of the Ombudsman, the implementation of children’s rights, the development of child welfare and shortcomings in legislation.

In carrying out lobbying work, the Ombudsman assesses pending government projects from the perspective of the UN Convention. An important task performed by the Ombudsman is to convey the opinions of young people to decision-makers. These are recorded using surveys and reports and by personal meetings with children and youth.

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